Furnace Music exists to serve this generation of songwriters by offering experience and excellence in songwriting, worship leading, album production and album release. We exist to bring a megaphone into the hillsides of hiddenness and sacrifice where those like King David are moving the Lord’s heart with their songs and their sound. We want to be a part of seeing the earth covered with these honest songs as Jesus gets the reward of His suffering in the earth as every tribe and tongue release their songs!

Record Label

  • Though no artist is required to "sign" or be a part of our record label to work with our producers and have albums created, we do present the option to artists we feel would fit well with our collective of artists and repertoire. Executive producers are the primary oversight over this arm of Furnace Music.

  • Furnace Music as a record label offers marketing, distribution, publishing & copyright, branding and album release for artists who are a part of our label. The heaviest amount of input from our leadership will be given to artists signed to Furnace Music to ensure quality, messaging, branding and release are all in line with the vision of Furnace Music and the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace.

  • Contact us with questions or comments about the record label of Furnace Music.

Production House

  • The production house arm of Furnace Music focuses on songwriting, song arrangement, album production oversight, engineering, post production and oversight through the mix and master. Producers are the primary oversight and influence through this part of the process. The bulk of our service is on this front, as many artists may not sign with the "label". Our producers serve artists to give the highest level of excellence both in song quality (songwriting, melody & lyric, content, arrangement) and recording quality (excellent recording equipment and execution of recording)

  • Songwriting coaching (pre-production) is one of the biggest resources of the production house arm of Furnace Music. Our experienced team of producers works weekly with artists to refine and craft songs until they are ready for the recording process. Meetings happen in person or via Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime, when artists are not in the proximity of Furnace Music's home base. Artists do not need to be "signed" to Furnace Music to work with our producers. Our mission is to produce music that will impact the nations of the earth and for many artists that means they come through Furnace Music to have their albums produced and then they release within their own churches, communities and home towns.

  • Contact us for quotes on your album, tailored to your specific project.

Recording Studio

  • The studio arm of Furnace Music is the physical studio, equipment and process of recording songs. Artists do not need to be signed to our record label to rent out use of our studio, though our engineers and producers do oversee the usage of our space.

  • The studio space is rent able. Contact us with details on your album to have a quote tailored to your specific project.



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